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Swimming Pool Heating / Boilers

There are a wide variety of ways to heat your swimming pool, from Natural Gas. Oil and LPG to solar power and heat pumps, which use the sun's rays and air temperature to warm the water.. The right swimming pool heater will give you hours of endless relaxation in your swimming pool.

Mason Heating Plumbing Solar has a specialised engineer and installer who is fully qualified by GAS SAFE and OFTEC to install, maintain or replace your swimming pool boiler and undertake annual servicing. They are also fully trained and to install, replace and maintain the latest solar thermal panel technology to heat your swimming pool.

We install, maintain and Repair: Gas / LPG / Oil / Air Source Heat Pumps/Solar Thermal. We use high quality and reputable manufacturer's such as Grant UK, Intergas, Certikin, Bowman and Calorex. Please contact us for more information.

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Choosing a Swimming Pool Heat Source

Heating a swimming pool effectively depends on where you live and the length of the swimming season. Where a solar system may work well in one situation, another may require a Gas, LPG or oil fired boiler.or even an Air Source Heat Pump. Many swimming pools have dual heating systems where maybe a heat pump or solar panels are used for part of the swimming season and a boiler for the remainder.

Gas or LPG Swimming Pool Heaters/Boilers

The most common type of heater is the gas pool heater. Gas Pool Heaters (otherwise known as Gas Boilers) are a great way to heat your swimming pool all year round and are available for indoor and outdoor pools.

These types of heaters must be installed by a registered gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate regulations. These include the size and position of the flue, the gas supply and ventilation. Some gas heaters are designed to stand outside a building in the open air and in this case there is no flue but the heaters positioning is important and again must be in accordance with regulations.

Oil Swimming Pool Heaters/Boilers

Oil boilers have long been used to heat swimming pool water. . Some older oil fired pool heaters have the pool water flowing directly through them, other cases a condensing high efficient domestic oil fired heater is used in conjunction with a swimming pool heat exchanger. See Grant Oil boilers.

Oil Boilers need to be installed and services by an OFTEC registered Engineer.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP's)

Based on old technology used in refrigeration and air conditioning swimming pool heat pumps take warmth out of the air, by compressing a gas which in turn increases in temperature heating the water as it passes through the exchanger. Most heat pumps can provide up to 5 units of energy to the pool for every 1 unit paid for dependant on weather. ASHP's are a slower way of heating a pool as .

Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger

Standalone Heat Exchangers are a very effective and economical method of heating your swimming pool and can be done two ways:

1). Providing your domestic household energy source Gas, LPG or Oil Boiler is sufficient, they utilise this heating system to transfer the heat to your pool water when not required by the house. The heat exchanger has an outer shell that contains a multitude of small-bore tubes. The hot water from the house boiler circulates between the heater shell and the tubes; the pool water flows through the tubes and is heated by them. The two waters do not mix. The water from the house heating comes through pipes, which are connected to the heat exchanger and the pool water thermostat controls the pool temperature.

2). This can also be done with a designated high efficiency Gas, LPG or Oil Boiler for the pool to also run through the Heat Exchanger. The heat exchange is also used in conjuction with Solar Thermal to transfer the heat from Solar Panels to the Pool water.

Solar Powered Swimming Pool Heating

With costs escalating and escalating the prospect of heating your swimming pool using the energy of the sun is a more than an exciting prospect. With the correct equipment this can be achieved saving you hundreds of pounds heating your swimming pool every year.

However for optimal performance you may wish to use solar pool heating in conjunction with other methods of heating the pool water due to the unpredictable seasonal weather. If solar heating is used as a secondary source it will still save you money on your heating costs.

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Annual Servicing for Swimming Pool Boilers

Swimming pool boilers need regular servicing most importantly to ensure your safety. It is also important that the boiler continues to operate efficiently and Gas Regulations recommend a regular schedule of maintenance is carried out. Manufacturers also recommend annual servicing and this can often be a condition of their guarantee. The cost of an annual Oil boiler service will be more than saved by the additional efficiency from the Service carried out.

Don't waste money and fuel on a poorly maintained or faulty swimming pool boiler, ensure it is serviced annually and kept in good working order for all the family to enjoy!.

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